Ancient prophecies tell the tale of a special band of souls whose destiny is to uncover the truth of humanity’s creation, existence and future.  Known as The Seekers, they discover that our ancestors left messages for us - hidden throughout the world in ancient monuments, secret vaults and tombs - that when put together offer hope to everyone... hope that all is not soon to be lost. For the prophecies also foretell a recurring cataclysmic event, worldwide in nature, that will soon arrive.

These four disparate individuals band together in this first book of the series and begin their adventure with the search for the Lost Tomb of Alexander, unaware of their larger and higher purpose, and the gravity of their quest.

Because of what they discover, they commit to search the world’s ancient monuments, explore every lead, to leave no clue unexamined, in order to uncover the truth. The future of all mankind could well hang in the balance.

They also discover they face a formidable enemy - a sinister and mysterious group within the Vatican that is committed to keeping the truths they uncover secret, and will stop at nothing to thwart The Seekers in accomplishing their goal.